Thursday, December 2, 2010


last few days, I went to Avenues mall and I just noticed a very cool adv! its for MAC makeup company collaborated with Disney.  I'm wondering why they used bad characters?! but its very attractive and funky to me! isn't it a unique idea? yessss it is. btw the collection is called ( Venomous Villains ) hahaaha ;)


  1. EE I've noticed very interesting displays recently.
    I liked this one! ;P

  2. you should've tried the MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder - Truth & Light.

    It's dry powder. You put on your skin, it's water! haha. It is seriously magic.

    I love the theme. The colours and the naming! Raheeb.

  3. I heard about it too ...!! I tried to find it but they were out of it.... hate these characters but it looks nice though ...


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