Thursday, October 13, 2011

Collage | Calligraphy won't die

In the last few weeks I started learning arabic calligraphy. It's not easy at all but I love it and keep training myself.  My calligraphy teacher Abdullfatah got his arabic calligraphy degree from egypt (yes they recognized it as a independent science). He said:"Computers killed calligraphy!". He means the computer fonts which is nice but without soul! "One day calligraphy will die and vanish and you won't find someone to teach you how to write".
but I thought it won't die if we kept writing it by our hands, thats why I designed this traditional collage. Tree means growth and life, background includes my handwriting -still learning-.
If you are interested, check the work process.


  1. شغل روعه تسلم ايدج :D

  2. amazing work mashalla,
    fatma you got your unique touch and style, and the ideas you get are marvelous, 3n jd your an inspirational person..

    its amazing that your adding Arabic calligraphy in ur work it looks elegant and interesting.

  3. awww thanks a lot fatma :) appreciate it

  4. ابدعتي

    ماشاء الله بالتوفيق يارب واصلي


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