Monday, June 15, 2009

My first post

I'm not exactly sure when I started designing but I think it was in 2003, I learned graphic designing on my own , by observing different digital arts and styles (specially English websites) , also by practicing with the help of other designers as well , and I use photoshop , I still do.

every piece of my work has a story and a meaning behind it , it either talks about an idea or a feeling that I had at that exact moment , it tells a lot about my personality, Dreams and thoughts. and even things that I sometimes couldn't express by words ..

one of my future goals is to have my own graphic design studio.. Insha'allah


  1. Salam ..
    .. Insha'allah , you'll own ur graphic design studio , :)
    Mashallah , your designs are very creative and uniques ..

    may Allah give u as ur intentions and more.

    Don't Stop

  2. W'salam

    happy to see your comment here :)
    thansk alot my brother, and you too

  3. بديت بعدج بسنة
    بس كسلي خلاني اتوقف عند حد معيّن ..
    وما اطمح للوصول الى اكثر واكثر من مجرد ممارسة هواية مستحدثة كإستخدامات تقنية وبرامجيه حلو مثل لفوتوشوب واللي اعتبره فرع من الهواية الأم واللي اهيه الرسم .

    وجود لاك مع الستوديو
    ليش لأ
    إنتي موهوبة وتستاهلين


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