Sunday, July 4, 2010

Traditional collage

Well, its hard for me to write.. but I really want to have a famous blog lol, so I will try my best, I'm very new in traditional collage art and this is my 3rd try...

- pictures were collected from newspapers and magazines

Here we go

final shape

it's an arabic sentence means; "A man shouldn't claim himself as a judge and disclose\ slander people".


  1. I really loved your blog's new look. Very classy mashallah and it reflects you.
    Thanks for showing us what goes behind the scenes of your wonderful designs.

  2. thank you asma :*
    happy to see your comment

  3. Khaayaal! ;p
    yabilha FAV hehee

  4. so this is it huuh :D

    i like the classic and traditional way more than the other stuff << never gets photoshop ;p
    'cause its shows the Uniqueness of the artist touch

  5. really , your are a great artist :)


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