Friday, August 20, 2010

Are you inspired ?

Didn't I say I love quotes? 
actually, the idea of the website is enough to love it! it's smart, new & modern. And about the website design is so neat, attractive & simple (the design always effects!).

He also said:


  1. so true! designs always impact the viewers regarding that I loved the quotes they are trying to match all the Prophet PBUH visions to their diverse perspectives or they are trying to approximate the orientations which is fabulous..
    It is really Smart and amazing site. I loved the part that says "The Quran even mentions the Virgin Mary more often than the Bible, demonstrating the high-regard that Judeo-Christian figures have in Islam."

    Thanks for sharing.. it's pretty meaningful

  2. nice design.. but i am not into full agreement with the way they are trying to change some Islamic beliefs to go hand in hand with some western ideas.


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