Tuesday, October 5, 2010

do you remember the job?

I refused it because of the work time its from AM till 6:30PM ah! it is too long for mee & and when I get back home I'll end up crying :p because there is no time to do anything else & ill be tired and even if think of hanging out I'll have less than 3 hours specially if you have a traditional Kuwaiti family & you have to be at home at 9PM ,, well since i was in college most of the students try to take 5 or 6 subject in one course to finish, but I was one of the few that take 4 subjects! yeeea I love to havee spaace of timee I can't breath with out it, so its my nature.


  1. What ever happen wish to you all the best :)

  2. Pity you couldn't get the job for suitable hours.

    And yeh, having 5-6courses at one time would drive me insane too. :)

  3. هذا عيب القطااع الخااص دوام طويل وايد
    ما عليه ان شالله تحصلين مكان احسن منه
    وموفقه اختي

  4. I have a job like this, and I learned how to manage my life around it.
    So I still paint, visit friends, taking language courses, watching movies and reading books. Sure not like before when I was in college on in my other old crappy job, but I still can do many things in one day.
    If the salary is fine think about it again.
    You will find it hard at the beginning but when you get used to it you will live your life again.


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