Friday, November 5, 2010

my videos

This is my 2nd video I made by using iMovie, well its a good and easy program but I think the options are we were doing some collages, the first girl is Mariam and she is 5 years old she's crazy about useing colors and glows lol ,the other baby is Mody and she's 3 years old and she trying to help us in some way ;)

And this is my 1st video, الأمل = Hope

anyone knows what this type of videos or film called? I mean when you use alot of photos and make movie, without using video camera.. I hope you understand what I mean


  1. شغل جمـــيل!
    ماشاء الله عليهم الحلوات اتقنوا أدوارهم :)
    يارب نشوفهم مبدعات مثلج :*


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