Saturday, July 24, 2010

Arabic typography collection

In simple way, Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. يعني هو فن الخط او الطباعه, and I did alot of typography designs.

lately, I'm so in arabic typo well I called them my " modern arabic typography collection" < شدعوه :P anyway its simple I know but I do not know why I love to do more and more of this?!!!

Here is the collection 

written:" Creator of the heavens and the earth, you and Lee in the world and the Hereafter Tuffine Muslim and join me with the righteous .. amen"

" But only he that brings to Allah a sound heart "  - THE HOLY QURAN 

And now I'm still working on this:

good night :)

* double click to see pictures in larger size 


  1. للأسف الصور مو طالعة
    بس I'm sure they're amazing.

  2. thank you seemaa :* I will re-upload them now

  3. You know there are so many people pretending they are "Great designers" and all what they do is multiplying a number of photos and call it a design. But anyone who sees your work, will notice the difference.. even if he/she has no idea about how the composition or colors work together, will feel good about it and realize that it's not a mess but a well made design.

    There are so many people following you and watchig out for your new from behind the screens. I've seen your work used for messenger dp's, web sites, in facebook, and there are so many talking about it and admiring it. If that has to mean anything, it would mean that you somehow touched all those people and got into their minds through your work. You're making a big difference and I'm happy, very happy actually that you're passionate about what you do and to see you doing it with all your heart.
    Keep going! :)

  4. Semaaaaa*!
    I don't know what to say but:
    thanks alot ;)


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